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Numerology for pets                 Choosing the right name for your pets to enhance their personalities

































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Did you know the sound of your pet's name can affect their personality?

That's right!! Animals have different hearing frequency. If their names don't vibrate with their hearing frequency, it may add confusion and your pet will have a negative sensation.


Just like humans, animals create a psychological profile through hearing their names. It is like a note of a melody or a scale made through the letters that form the words. Each word has a sound, and each animal has a different hearing frequency.


Numerology for Pets is a cute and informative book which teaches you the basics of numerology and how to analyze your pet's name to enhance their personalities. This book is fun to read and it’s for children and adults. The animated pictures and clear descriptions will hold your attention from beginning to end.


This is the only numerology book you will find for pets.


The author has more than 30 years of experience in numerology.


Bonus: Astrology for your pets, a $15.00 value!

Benefits of Numerology For Pets:

Learn how the sound of a name can affect your pets’ personality, reactions, and  


 Emphasize good qualities in your pet’s behavior.

Increase the harmony between you and your pets.

 Learn each number strengths, weaknesses, and health tendencies.

  Learn the Dos and Don'ts when choosing a name for your pet.

  Understand the behavior of various breeds and species.

  Learn which vowels and consonants your pet will react positively.

  Give your pet a fresh start

  Help other animal causes. We give 20% of our proceeds to the Humane

         Society, ASPCA, and Project Wild Life.



"Numerology For Pets taught me to choose the right name for my new cat. He answers when I call him and he has a very friendly personality." (Margaret Sheppard - Veterinarian)

"I purchased this book and took it with me to my friend's party. In a matter of minutes, my friends analyzed their pets' name and they found the results to be quite accurate. This is a must have book!" (Lurdes Decio - Banker and Animal Activist)

"I loved the way the book is written. I could analyze my dog's name in minutes. The coolest part are the cute pictures." (Erika Grasnoff - Student)



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If you love your pet, this book is for you!

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    Ebook file format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

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Did you that the sound of your pet's name can affect his personality? 

Numerology at the dog park. 



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